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13 Reasons Why It's a great idea to watch 13 Reasons Why

*Caution!! Lot of Spoilers Ahead!!!*

Hi, my name is Arun, ArunKumar P T. Adjust whatever device you're reading this on, it's gonna take some time, not so much though! 

Feeling déjà vu?

If not, read further, you may like this one!

This article is about a new TV show of Netflix called 13 Reasons Why. It's one of those teen dramas you might have liked if this was released a decade ago, because you would be in your teenage and this series would've synced perfectly with your mindset. I'm 27 now; I assume most of you are nearly my age too. So, you may ask me why I'm recommending this TV show to you which are about some teen kids. To answer that question, I have listed here: 13 Reasons why you should watch 13 Reasons Why

1. Hannah Baker

According to some random made up statistics, over 90% of suicides are caused due to depression. So, let's ask ourselves, what's the cause for depression? Academics Pressure? Love failure? Kirik at College / Office?

Irrespective of the reason for depression, most of them end with death. One such simple, kind and innocent girl is Hannah and she dies in the very beginning of this show. But before she dies, she lists 13 reasons (incidents and people) for her suicide and records them in cassettes (like old school). Listening to her story is not as simple as it sounds, if you're on one of her tapes!

2. Screenplay

Remember 'A' film by Upendra. In the very beginning of it, some random scenes appear for nearly 20 minutes and ends with title card: A film by Surya.

Legends say that some people walked out of theatre, at that point, thinking the movie really ended. But the fact is that, 'A' movie starts with footages of a movie directed by movie protagonist Surya! It surprised everyone at first, Later on; everyone appreciated this different type of storytelling. In the same way, 13 Reasons Why has one unique way of storytelling too. In the beginning, they show the lead cast, girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide and leaves tapes of the reasons for her suicide. Now the cassettes have reached Clay Jansen, who is lead male cast, also a very good friend and work partner to Hannah. Clay starts listening to tapes and the story of Hanna Baker begins to unfold. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's present or past. That's one of the beautiful technical aspects of this show. 

3. Photo Credits: Tyler Down

We all have a photographer friend, who takes beautiful and candid pictures of us, right? This high school where Hannah studies also has official / unofficial photographer who takes pictures of various students for the year book. One time, he goes too far and becomes one of the reasons for Hannah's suicide. How? You will get the answer when you watch the series. 

4. Alex's List

I don't know what was in Schindler's List because I haven't watched it yet. But if being a girl, and you're on Alex's list, it's not a best place to be. Coming to topic, there's this guy called Alex Standall, he makes a list of girls who has good smile, worst smile, good looking, not good looking etc.

Sounds harmless? 

No, it's not!

He crosses line further and Hannah is suffered because of it. The show has answer to all unanswered content here.

5. Zach - The Star Kid

High school is a place to rise and shine! Who doesn't wants to be popular, right? Many of us don't have that talent, money or power to be popular. The opposite of us, Zach is a guy, who has nearly everything anyone ever wants in high school. He's a basketball player, drives Audi, handsome and many more. What are the chances of that type of guy, can be victim to depression? 

To overcome it, he definitely has friends who will help him!

But what about Aam Janta (Mango People) like us, who has none?

Hannah is one such poor girl and Zach is on her one of tapes!

6. I love you, Man!

There was a time, when love marriage was unacceptable. There were even killings by parents or family to protect the dignity of family, which are called as Maryada Hatya. While in USA, it's acceptable and they're so advanced that, homosexual marriages are also legal. Two fathers or mothers adopt kids from orphanages and raise them. In India, according to constitution, a single male parent is not allowed to adopt girl child! Enough of cultural and legal differences between east and west. Coming to topic, there's this girl called Courtney and she's adopted and raised by gay parents and she happens to be lesbian! In the country where homosexual marriages are legal, this girl goes to every length to protect her lesbian affair. How it affects Hannah? It's on one of her tapes.

7. Tony, Namma Tony

We all need a friend like Chikkanna in Chowka, Govind in Sultan, Sarkiit in Munna Bhai MBBS and Tony from Gandhada Gudi. We can always count on them and we know they won't let us down. Tony is one such friend of Hannah and despite of him always supporting her, Hannah commits suicide.

Sounds confusing right? Is he also one of the reason? Or not?

Listen to her tapes to find out.

8. What do you leave behind?

Ask yourselves this question: if you've only 24 hours, what will you do?

You might say sorry to people, thank your parents, visit memorable place of your life for one last time, etc etc.

But consider this; if you die now, what do you leave behind?

Some say, having huge number of facebook friends is not worth it, if they don't come and attend your funeral. Funeral is one such occasion, where we remember all the good things about them.  If I die now, I leave behind some debt, unfinished articles, unfulfilled dreams and probably good and happy memories to friends and family. But if it's suicide, we leave behind indigestible pain and suffering to parents. Mr and Mrs Baker try to find reasons for Hannah's death and starts questioning themselves: were they good parents? 

Being a parent, it's the most disastrous place to be, one such thing is explained very well in this show. 

9. Drama

Kids love kids drama, teens love teenage drama, adults love romance, old age people love timeless romance. Let's admit this, we all love drama. Every morning, we say good morning, thank you, sorry, and what not? Because, human being is a social animal and we just cannot stay single and isolated forever. Communicating together, living together creates drama around us. There's nothing wrong in loving it. 13 Reasons Why is one such teen drama, which you'll definitely, irrespective of your age and gender.

10. Gripping Plot and Acting

When can we say certain actor / actress acted very well in any movie / TV show?

When we feel emotionally connected to the role and the name of the character he / she played makes itself a place in our heart forever. Like Forrest Gump, Andy from The Shawshank Redemption, Rajeevappa from Bangara Manushya, naanu, Richie etc. 13 Reasons Why has such amazing cast and I bet you will not forget the names Hannah, Clay aka Helmet, Zach, Marcus, Tyler, Courtney, Tony etc.

11. Maari chhoriya chhoro se kam hai ke?

"Women never should try to become equal to Men, as they're always above them." Some agree and some disagree, like in every debate. There was a time, when women didn't had the power to vote! Welcome to 2017, everyone knows, men alone can't run the world.  Although, rape and sexual assaults on women is increasing rapidly year by year. Every time, when a rape happens, we sign petition, light candles and shout, "teach your son not to rape" and forget everything. That's not the end of it. Proper sexual education has to be given to high school students and awareness has to given to every individual on how rape is violation of moral rights of person. 13 Reasons Why depicts details of one such painful incident and after effects of it.

P.s: It's not Hannah!

12. Take care!

During our childhood, parents take care of us and during their old age, it's our duty to take care of them. Parent and children bonding is something words can't describe. We fight, we respect each other, we love each other and much more. But during teenage, we definitely feel rebel against our parents. During those toughest times of life, some parents just give up on us. But, some always support us and care for our problems. Clay Jensen has such supporting family and they surely impress you to be one in future. One of the reasons to watch 13RW.

13. Clay Jensen

Imagine yourself as a nerdy boy who loves science and superheroes. Puberty hits you and you have a crush on your friend at class. One such nerd is Clay Jensen aka Helmet who happens to be lead role of the series. Now comes the twisted part, as said earlier, Hannah records her reasons of death and makes two copies of it. She gives one copy to her most trusted friend and sends second copy to reason #1. They are supposed to transfer the tapes to reason #2 and so on. The curious part is, the show begins with Clay listening to Hannah's tapes, who also happens to be Reason #11. With every tape, you start to discover the real personality of Hannah and Clay. But since Clay is also on one if her tapes, it's kinda hard to jump to decision if Clay is really good guy or not. All questions are answered at the end of show, as usually.

So, that's it folks, you've finished reading my views on 13WR. If you find this interesting, go watch 13WR ASAP on Netflix and Chill!! Also, Season 2 is releasing this May 18, Stay Tuned!!


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